Join the Project

We're looking for educators and young people who would like to join our project. Whether you're a school library media specialist, classroom teacher, or home schooler, everyone is welcome.

Get Started

  1. Decide whether you'd like to work on one of the books listed on our home page or add your own book to our list.
  2. Decide whether you want to work within our wikispace or create your own space. If you plan to get lots of young people involved, I'd recommend that you set up your own wikispace, then just add a link from our first page directly to your wiki page. We recommend that you create a PROTECTED space and add members using the Manage Space option. Participants from other schools may ask to be added if you'd like to create cross-school collaboration.
  3. You can choose how you'd like to organize the information your students gather or create for the project. Need ideas? Use The Wright Three project. We recommend some of the following elements:
    1. Book information: characters, plot, setting, chapter summaries, major themes
    2. Author information
    3. Historical information: people, places, things/objects, event
    4. Glossary
    5. Maps
  4. Keep in mind that any content you add to your wiki should be be original work. If you use resources from other sources, be sure to quote and cite these works. All images should be original works, in the public domain, or resources you have permission to post. It's really fun to draw your own pictures, then use a scanner or digital camera to digital them. Use the images button to upload this artwork.

Promote the Power of Wikis

  1. At first, your students will be focusing on their book. Once they've developed the information on their book, ask them to start looking for connections with other Civil War themed books. Look for ways that you can connect, interact, and collaborate with young people at other schools.
  2. CONNECT TO OTHERS. Seek ways to link your pages to the pages created by others. For example, if two books contain content about the Medicine of the Civil War or Battle of Gettysburg, consider collaborating on a single page rather than duplicating the efforts of others.
    1. If no one has created a page on the topic, you could build one. Be sure to add it to the master TOPIC LIST on the home page so others can find it.
    2. If another school has created a page, you could link to their page.
    3. If another school has started a page, your students could extend, refine, or add to their page.
  3. DISCUSSION TAB. Each wiki page contains a discussion tab. Think about how to use this forum area to interact with others.
    1. Provide feedback. You could post a message providing encouragement, support, or a critical review.
    2. Add content. If you have an idea for the page, you could insert it directly to the page or add the content to the message asking that the original author edit the page to incorporate your ideas.
    3. Note a connection. If you've found a connection between your content and the work of a peer, share your idea. You may want to link to your peer page and ask for a link in return.
    4. Explain changes. If you make a change to a peer's page, be sure to leave a message indicating your reasons for the addition or modification.

We don't currently have lessons or assessments available. If you create these for your classes, please share them on the wiki or make a link to your own website.

Need more ideas? Go to Wiki World or email Annette Lamb.